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Chinese Practice 4.0

Chinese Practice it's a program meant to accompany your study at a school
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Jan Zapotocky

Chinese Practice will not teach you Chinese, it's a program meant to accompany your study at a school. When you come home from class, create new lesson and write down new words and phrases. First practise the last lesson, then open couple of most recent lessons, from time to time open and practise all lessons. Use different modes – let the program display only chinese terms while you translate into your language or vice versa, or just hear the computer read the terms and repeat it. Highly recommended thing to do is to print out list of Chinese phrases, carry it with you and try to read it everytime you have a free minute.
* Open multiple lessons and merge them together, skip terms you already know, practise words and/or phrases in random or sequential order
* Edit or create your own lessons in internal editor or any text editor with Unicode support
* Listen to the pronounciation and see the strokes order through associated multimedia files
* Hear any chinese phrase read out through text-to-speech synthesis
* Organize your vocabulary - sort, print, save, use different fonts...
* Use different skins, create your own
* Write chinese characters directly into your memory cells with unique Brain Flash technique
* Find out radical, character codes, traditional form, definition and dictionary entries for hanzi characters
* Use integrated talking Chinese-English-pinyin dictionary
* Use talking chinese reader with auto dictionary

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